My experience at the Andela bootcamp so far

Day 4 it is. Nothing has gotten easier. Just when I thought I gained a lot of experience I was hit with a reality check. There is still more to do than I ever thought. Last night I finished two of today’s tasks and I was left with two tasks. One on Andelabs and one on Medium (blog post). I was so confident that I was going to finish today’s task way too early. Well, that didn’t go as planned because I spent 6–7 hours on one task. It was about implementing binary search using the list class. I spent a lot of time on this task because the andelabs website did not show specific errors as to why my code was not working despite how strong my internet connection was. This made it really hard for me to debug so I thought of a better idea. I decided to replicate the test on PyScripter with the help of pylint and pytest. It was still not easy to debug because my code persistently failed to pass all tests on pytest.

After this I remembered one of Andela’s key values, collaboration. I immediately seeked advice from fellow campers only to find that they too were facing the same predicaments. We then did not have the solution but we had something better. Many brains coming together increases the chances of solving a problem. In deed we found the solution to the problem. This was an improvement from yesterday as we found the solution within the set deadline despite submission being unsuccessful on andelabs. It was such a relief. After all this here I am writing this blog. Am getting used to writing professionally. Previously I always loathed writing articles for people to read. Same applied to my interaction habits. I was an antisocial person of epic proportions. Thanks to this bootcamp I have improved my interaction habits. Associating with people isn’t as hard as I thought. In fact I am enjoying it. Back then I used to suffer on my own but now I prosper with others.

Time management has been really tough during this period. Going to sleep past midnight and waking up early have been the order of the day. I have been forced to skip lunch for the past three days and supper can only be quick food which is not to my liking. The end product of this bootcamp is what I have in my mind. I will do the best I can to achieve the set goals. I’d rather suffer now and prosper in the future. Nothing comes easy in this world. To get the best one has to work hard. That is what I have been doing all along. I might not be producing the required output from my facilitator but I know that in the end I will meet his expectations. It’s all about growth and reaching the required level in time despite how badly you start. This journey has been rough but very beneficial. This Is Andela!

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