Bulletin Board

One of the most difficult things about being a leader is communicating to your group clearly and effectively ; Without this you would have many missed deadlines and low participation rates of events going on. Location , presentation , and content are three important elements you should incorporate in order to have an intriguing bulletin board.

1. Location of your bulletin needs to be in an area where most of your workers, students,or whom ever can easily see it

  • Break room- by a refrigerator , T.V , or Vending Machine
  • Entrance- on a door or a wall by an entry
  • Concessions- not far from where people would be ordering lunch from

2. Presentation should catch the intended audience attention. Here are a few points :

  • Color -When you pick a theme think about the color scheme that is associated with it.
  • Design- Including some designs will make your board attractive.
  • Word Fonts- You can change the fonts of your information you are placing on the board.
  • Word Size -The bigger the words the more information they would retain from your board.
  • Pictures- pictures serve as examples of what you are talking about
  • A good bulletin isn’t too big or too small

The above points should follow along with the theme of the board. This example included pictures ,the board is a nice size , and it’s a nice color.

3. Content on your board should be :

  • Organized (Labeled by group, class, or etc)
  • Spaced (so your presentation won’t seem cluttered )
  • Easy to read information

If you need help putting together a board,there are Bulletin board kits available for purchase.

Along with the three components I gave ,your bulletin should include jargon(words) that your audience is familiar with; dates and times should be bold and stand out .

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