The Namkeen History Of India: Bikaneri Bhujia

Namkeens are saviors from anything and everything that we cannot handle — a day not so well spent, boredom, or even time that gets too difficult to pass. Bikaneri Bhujia is one of the most wanted and an all-time favorite snack for both children and adults alike. Its crispy taste still invites people of every age group and is most likely to invite for years and years to come.

Usually called “Bhujia” or “Bhujia Sev”, it is one of the most common complementing side dishes with almost any and every Indian dish served. Be it the evening tea or sandwiches for breakfast, it brings life to every food it’s eaten with.

Bikaner is a city which is northwest to the city of Rajasthan, India. Rajasthan, being the land of different cultures — be it food, dance forms or clothes, this city originating as the king of taste, doesn’t really arrive as a surprise. Formerly the capital of the princely state of Bikaner, the city was founded by Rao Bika in 1486 and from its small origins it has developed into the fourth largest city in Rajasthan. The city is prominently famous for its savory snack Bhujia and other high varieties of namkeens that are sold all around the world after getting manufactured here. Bikaner is highly renowned among food lovers all across the world for its lip-smacking delicacies — both sweet and namkeen in taste. Bhujia was first prepared in the princely state of Bikaner during the reigning period of Maharaja Dungar Singh during the year 1877. Today, Bikaneri Bhujia has now become the identity of the city’s feasting culture ever since. Today, over 50,000 tons of Bhujia is manufactured here, every day. More than 2.5 million people are employed in several cottage industries that produce Bikaneri Bhujia in Rajasthan.

The creation of this wonderful snack is not an easy task. Talking of texture, it is light yellow in color, and is prepared from a dough made of Moth Dal Besan, Chana Dal, powdered cellulose, salt, red chili powder, black pepper, cardamom, cloves, and groundnut oil. The dough is pressed through a sieve and then deep fried in vegetable oil till it becomes crispy and gets its signature golden hue.

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