Brasil regulamenta ICOs e a negociação de Bitcoin, Ethereum e outras criptomoedas e tokens em…
Paulo Dallagnol

I agree Paulo, this country will probably be left behind in the international competition scenario, it is like all institutions in Brazil want to use the same ultra conservative and restrictive approach to technology, biting some share of the gains in the brazilian market and leaving no infrastructure for futher development. All they have is a short term gain vision, no wonder there is so much corruption around.

e.g. If a tax fiscal cach some irregularity and it ends turning into tax revenue, they will as a sector gain bonuses based on that, which is ok for some areas but when you do this for a newly born market such as blockchain you destroy the possibility of advances.

Brazil is an over 9.000 in difficulty for starters, the people who try entrepreneurship activities in this country are heros, such a shame that it is the way.

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