Home Day 1

This marks the end of Home day 1 activities, and I have to say, I’ve learned a great deal. First of all, test driven development is a technique which ensures specific requirements are met despite implementation. This has to be the top lesson today. The exercises were challenging but the plus side was we had slack on our side. The Open Andela group is amazing, we can share code snippets on that platform and that definitely makes it a system geared toward making developers world-class.

I’m definitely looking forward to Day 2. The spirit of Andela is lively and holistic and I feel that I’m getting better everyday, in the never ending pursuit of coding excellence. Our facilitators are amazing, they promptly reply to our Boot camp problems even though they probably have other tasks to attend to.

The third positive of today, was working from home. Even though i love the Andela campus, I can’t afford an Uber and our transport system in Kenya is sluggish at best. The convenience of waking up and immediately hacking at the keyboard, with an entire community waiting at the click of a button was kind of awesome. with that said, I look forward to home day 2 and becoming better so we can change the world as Andela!

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