On goodbyes, and see you later

There are times I stare at your photos and wonder whether I was wrong, maybe I was the one wholly to blame. A voice within whispers that when true love comes, you know, you know?

We are parallel in nature like two straight lines heading in the same direction but fear crossing each other will distract them from their destination, but we did once remember? And it was worthwhile, if not magical, that the end point we always looked for was at the tip of our connection.

So at times it’s hard to figure out how we zigzagged to being straight just the way we found each other looking for goals we never set objectives for.

All I can hope is that as time glides away into olden age we’ll collide again and remember our golden moments , we’ll laugh till we cry, talk till we sing, tell each other secrets like we used to, share how we made each other psychopathic in a fun kind of way and the little things we did that made our hearts melt into love shaped memoirs.

Maybe, just maybe our timing wasn’t quite right as we imagined or maybe cupid perfectly strikes its target twice and will reignite all the burning desires that we find difficult to describe in words or feelings but rather through actions.

As you move on, so will I and the same way you hope, I will too. In another life, the connection we shared would be locked in caves yet to be discovered; to grow and nurture each other until they are ready to mingle with the open skies that are peacefully blue or the waters underneath that are relatively quiet flowing in sync just the way they were made to. So as I reminisce us holding hands and flowing through the daily constellations of people perfectly placed around us to be our guides in smooth and rough relationship tides that they have been through, all I can hope for is a better me for you tomorrow.

As I bid you goodbye and see you later, by now we should have perfected this final cut. Just a new chapter of life we are yet to discover but anxiously roll into.

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