Abdul Sitar Eidhi is a man with nerves of steel, he is revolutionary person who pursued his life as he wanted to. His biography is much like an amalgamation of good intentions, noble deeds, high moral values, passion, vision of life and enthusiasm. At a very early age he started to explore his vision of life. Eidhi sahib practiced amal in his early life (the first and foremost principle of amal academy).As he stated start small, think big and convinced himself that I can begin small but why should I think small. There is no shame in any form of labor. It doesn’t matter from where you started at the end what you have accomplished matters the most. Even a journey of thousand steps starts by a single step. He also practiced khuddi (the 2nd amal’s principle), which means to explore yourself, he spent hours exploring his life’s purpose. EIDHI sahib never thought he cannot he always believed, sooner or later he will because it is a great saying GOD only help those who help themselves. He never underestimated his abilities or felt fear of failure because confining ideas stunt potential. He never thought that he lack resources, he believed resources are to be made and opportunities are to be created.I have learned almost everything that is required these days. To me everything in this universe is created for the sole purpose of education, seek knowledge in everything and thrive for knowledge. Do whatever it takes, chase your passion even if people think you crazy.

I was assigned a project named just start project that demands do a thing i always hesitated to do so, i picked up a theory of my professional studies and decided to implement it on myself. In order to do this i researched it and found possible practical implementations of it. I am dietitian so my theory was to follow a diet that excludes all forms of wheat and added sugars. I wanted to do this because i believed it could be beneficial for my clients but in order to check the results i had to consider myself experimental subject first to ensure my success. This is not for the first time when i planned to follow a diet but usually i end up with failure accompanied by frustration, i usually faced time issues, barriers like lack of cooking skills, least interest in eating, above all laziness and lack of motivation these all factors always predominated.

But this time i made a promise to accomplish what i dreamt of, so i saw so many motivational videos in this regard and try to boost myself. When i followed this diet i found so much opposition from my peers family and relatives, even i myself was rigid and lazy at first but self motivation is key to move mountains. So, without bothering other circumstances i continued to work hard. Finally, here i am, done with my goal feeling of accomplishment add to your personal moral. Most importantly i learned a lot through this experience as i was continuously experimenting with myself, i figured out new recipes, new innovative ideas, i came to know what works and what does not in a particular situation. Just a small step needed, it requires great courage but results in great achievements. Now i am planning to continue this diet, in near future i plan to test all theoretical knowledge in practical life as only this way you can cross check the efficiency of your work. So, now i believe all you need is just a START.

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