hey listen!

We live in a material world, our brains have adapted to analyze everything in profit loss scale. Even if we try, we cannot be selfless because in our lives I, me and myself is way more important than our, we and us. Everyone thinks himself different and most oftenly superior than others that is why in a discussion people end up only talking about themselves. I often get really amazed by people who mention socializing and listening to others as their hobby because this is a thing that is getting extinct. We rarely find this behaviour. People these days only talk about themselves showing insensitivity and carelessness towards others.

What if, only for one day we take an initiative to listen to others, what if we are subjected to a challenge that in 24hr time period we are not allowed to talk about ourselves and are bound to listen others. We have to interact with maximum number of people. Ask questions like what they think? Questions regarding their perceptions, beliefs, morals, norms, interest anything or about everything.There are two rules of this challenge: you are not allowed to disclose anything about this challenge and second is you are not allowed to talk about yourself.

I also did this and see what I found, we in our busy lives neglect minor but universal laws. People become interesting when they take interest in others, it may seem complicated but let me put it simple, if you try to impress others by showing how interesting person you are, you are more likely to end up having nothing but if you adopt a different strategy that instead of being interesting they become interested in others that is the thing i learned in book “how to make friends and influence people.”

I realized that it’s against human nature to listen to others, we listen merely to respond and in this attempt we forget to listen properly. Our bodies are meant to react, we receive stimulus and instantly react. We never listen and try to understand others point of you, all we want is to prove ourselves right. Listening to others is totally strange experience it makes you realize that people are so full of wisdom and knowledge and you never explore it. Each one of has his own definitions and theories, at times what is right and wrong carries no worth at all. The thing that matters is what is your logic behind that. I learned that to have wisdom you do not need to be a scholar, all you need is to listen others that’s why our great great ancestors advised to listen to others, prefered the company of older adults to gain knowledge from experience.

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