Endorsement of Diversity and inclusion (D&I) and cultural practices within an organization have increasingly become a critical and important reputable aspect to the success of many businesses, especially in the Tech scene. There has been a lot of research and many other resources on how to adapt, retain and measure the value of D&I.

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But based on the World Economic Forum report, the global gender parity is estimated to take 100 years to close that gap in the tech sector, at the current rate of change.

This is one of the most common questions searched on Google after arising awareness, strikes and crisis around the globe. From stop driving to zero waste life, most are challenging to systematically create consistent behavioural change in our daily life.

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Taking the opportunity today and everyday to celebrate Mother Earth for the continuous sustenance of all the diverse human beings and all the beautiful creatures.

Today, marks the 49th annual Earth Day — a global event where millions of people come together to celebrate, voice their concerns and take action where environmental issues is in the spotlight.

It is so beautiful to see all the sparked movement and campaigns across the industries and communities. From NASA hashtag campaign #PictureEarth to Greta Thunberg continuous environmental activism to more than 25 Hollywood artist featuring “EARTH” song to Google Doodle story on the landing page. …


Munifa Ahmed

Aspiring Social Entrepreneur, Spiritual Climate Advocate, Digital Analyst and Marketer, Jr. Developer

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