Is Finance for Women Easier If a Pink Robot Gives the Advice?
Megan Reynolds

I’m almost tempted to think their miscalibration is not about the market, but the way they gendered finance to start with. Saying ‘Men are like this in finance, Women think other’ is putting a gendered overlay on something that doesn’t have an authentic gender split — a daughter and son in the same family probably think about money much the same way; we get our financial sense through mentorship or self learning mostly, and that’s not necessarily gendered. So it’s the same problem as Bic for Her pens. It also could be an example of shaping the data to fit the results.

Is a financial app for women really a good idea? Do I spend with my vagina? What’s the option for women besides a robot? Since the finance industry is heavily male, it could be mansplaining. And yes, I prefer a robot to mansplaining, but the real answer is more professional service. And having a beauty and fashion agency make your finance branding is a just a bad idea; let’s not be trendy and cute about our finance. Obfuscating the literal and transactional nature of finance is probably not going to teach better money management.

Individual tailoring of financial advice is great; gendering financial advice? Not so much.

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