In Praise of Walking As (Affordable) Self-Care
Tamar Shulsinger

There is a book by Peruvian author Mario Vargas Llosa called ‘The Storyteller’. In it, there’s a tribe of nomadic indigenous people who walk through the jungle every day. Part of their belief system is that their walking makes the world turn, like a hamster on a wheel. I love this concept, and whenever I feel stuck, I try to walk it out. Walking even a bit every day represents progress, if not toward a specific direction, than in the effort to make the world spin forward beneath my feet. And as you’ve said, there’s a certain perspective: walking everything unroll like a movie. It’s immersive, yet objective if you have no real destination. The purpose for walking is sometimes just to experience and appreciate your neighborhood without any other agenda. I walk most days too, and when I really can’t get anything else done, I still try and go for a walk!

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