What Happens When You Pay Your Employees Enough to Become Financially Secure?
Nicole Dieker

There’s a real problem with attrition in my field (Cloud engineering) because it’s pretty well paid in senior positions and the market is very hot. We’re hiring right now and one of the obvious issues is that most of the candidates change jobs every year or more. We’re not getting fat bonuses, it’s just easy to leave for a small raise without disrupting your finances since you won’t have downtime between jobs.

The antidote as I see it is in creative, meaningful work and a flexible workplace. There’s no reason to quit if you can take a sabbatical, long vacation or in some cases, work from home. The red flag at Google is that people left when they had the money, which suggests they only worked for the money. I stay in my job not because I have to, or because of any financial pressure; rather because I like it! My friends are here, and the work is lots of fun! But I often bring up fun as a way to counter attrition and get funny looks, like, WHA? FUN ENGINEERING? which is the real problem.