The problem with used books is, whether or not they have a barcode — and the ISBN system was not in…

Yeah, I’m aware of all these things. But I’d still love to see a snapshot of the cover, for example. In fact, with a lot of older books, the cover is the only thing I know if it previously passed through my hands. When books come in, they’re sorted and shelved somehow, and even in a used book store, they might be priced or put in a section by price. So the magic app for me would be a scanner that takes a photo of the cover and/or the publisher page, then automagically adds it to the website and inventory system. I can’t help wonder if one could use machine learning to identify title text from the image, thus eliminating the manual input of any information, except for price maybe.

I had a job as a delivery driver to a grocery store once, and they managed to inventory stuff with a lot of eccentricity and no labels or overarching system. The tech just isn’t there or isn’t profitable in the book space. But this is a thing… it’s easier for me to find scanned, pirated copies of vintage science fiction than even find it on any shelf. There’s not even a legal way to buy some books :(

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