Habit Rabbit

“Color, size, cuteness, fluffiness, rabies, dead eyes, vibrating ears…”

The list of this peculiar creature’s null properties goes on and on. It’s neither nothing, everything, every thing, nor no thing at all.

Drugs. That can be counted as a common explanation. And then you file these words in a dark place under MEMORY (Meticulous Endings to MORonic Youth). Well… whatever.

Continue or stop. It might be of interest to you, or it just might flop.
You see, if drugs is the explanation, and it got your attention, and whether you sense degradation or inspiration — opposites will agree. Good or bad, however you might describe a habit, you’re following a rabbit. It will take you places. You’ll do stuff and put on so many faces.

“Don’t go down the rabbit hole.”

When was your last smoke, drink, woman, or man? Have you touched yourself recently? Do you entertain dirty thoughts (email me the details)? Did you brush your teeth today? How long have you been wandering the internet? You’ve been in and out of the rabbit hole so many times that your life is the most cum-stained and repeatedly used condom you know.

Every corner down the road is between Something Different and The Same. In that corner, you will find a habit rabbit. It’s always just about leave. So you follow. You scurry, you hurry, and you have one too many. You’ll die chasing a habit rabbit. Just like The Turtle, you will finish first.

Can we not follow? Yes, of course. We always have that illusion of choice. But we’re smart enough to know that when we turn down one habit, we are actually just accepting another one. The world, like your browser history, is riddled with habit rabbits.

So where do you point your blamethrower? No one knows. Those who tell you otherwise are just as lost as you. Our heads are in constantly shifting states of autopilot and manual control. We cannot tell the difference. And our denial of that gave birth to “blame.”

You hope, you hunger, and you wish that if you follow a rabbit called “habit,” you’ll eventually make it. Is it an empty investment? I do not know. Would you assign value to expectation? I do know that habit rabbits are purely focused on what they do. What exactly that is, only they understand. They do it without thought, care, or consideration. And they keep going. The same could be said for how they fuck.

An imaginary study once aimed to quantify and categorize habit rabbits. A made-up team performed amazingly fictional experiments and unread surveys. It was so ahead of its time that it did not exist.

“We can therefore conclude that due to high levels of OBVIOUS (OBlivious Verifications In Otherwise Understandable Situations) found in this creature, quantifying and categorizing is unnecessary. Not impossible… just unnecessary. We recommend nothing.”

Habit rabbits. Does this mean that there is more than one pipe-in-mouth creature running the world? I do not know. This, like many other things, is an attempt to hold on to a momentary thought that loses face as now moves closer to later, sitting in the red couch.
Home is where habit at.