Aquarium Plant Fertilizer For Beginners

Aquarium plants need some basic things in order to flourish. Surely light and co2 are the most important ones, but aquarium plant fertilizer is also very important for full and lush growth of plants.

There are two types of nutrients: Macro and Micro. Macro nutrients are needed in large amount while, plants absorb micro nutrients in less amount. Undoubtedly, both of them are necessary for sufficient growth.

Some of the nutrients, i.e. nitrogen is available in the water column of the aquarium. So, plants don’t need any external source for them. But often, most of the nutrients are rare in aquarium water and needs external supply.

These nutrients need to be supplied on a daily basis in order to maintain a constant level. You can supply fertilizers to your aquarium in different ways. But the two basic ways are substrate fertilizer and liquid fertilizer.

What is Substrate Fertilizer?

Substrate fertilizers, as the name implies, are used in the substrate bed of the aquarium. The nutrients in the substrate fertilizer are released into the water for a period of time and the root system of the plants absorbs them directly. Another advantage of using substrate fertilizer is, algae can’t have any access to them inside the substrate bed. So, the possibility of an Algae outbreak is minimal.

What is Liquid Fertilzier?

Liquid fertilizers are by far, the most common form of fertilizer used in aquariums. These fertilizers are supplied in liquid form. You need to supply a certain amount regularly into the aquarium water. These fertilizers are absorbed mainly through the leaves of the plants. There is a wide range of fertilizer products. You can buy them from Amazon or from any physical shape. A downfall of using liquid fertilizer is algae have access to them too. So, if you are not careful, you may see an algae outbreak in your aquarium.

Important micro nutrients

As said before, plants need micro nutrients in less amount. But needless to say, they are extremely important for plants. Micro nutrients are also known as trace elements. Some of the micronutrients are copper, magnesium, iron, cobalt and zinc.

You can dose each of them individually as some companies’ make them, or buy a general fertilizer solution. Some hobbyists also buy powdered form of them and make their own solution. As there are thousand of ways to use them, choose the one that makes you comfortable. But if you are a complete beginner at this, I would suggest you to go for a more generic solution!

How to Dose?

Dosing simply refers to supply fertilizer in the aquarium. There are many ways to dose aquarium plant fertilizer. Some of them are Estimative Index Dosing, Target Dosing, PPS Dosing and so on. Some of these methods are more for the pro hobbyists. If you want to know more, Google will be your best friend.

So, let me know if you found this article helpful. Are you using an aquarium fertilizer? If not, are you planning to? Let me know!

Till then, Happy Planting!