Bringing Smiles Back

Pakistan is facing a lot of problems currently which includes the economic problems, political and with the same time they are also facing Social problems. There are several reasons which have created the scenario in which such problems prevail. There are so many reasons which have created such social problems and at the same time it has dreadful impacts on the people as well as the image of the state. If we go deeper we will see that although we are in a turmoil but yet it is not too late to overcome our problems.

So keeping this in view we as a group are ready to put our part in this very noble cause of eradicating social problems. For this to be effective we have to start from very small steps and then start our voyage towards big goals following the example of Edhi sb. We are planning to focus our efforts towards the needy people of our society in fulfilling their basic needs of clothes which is also a part of very famous slogan of PPP which is “ROTI, KAPRA aur MAKAAN”. Our team has decided this project after mutual consultation and we are going an extra mile in this project by affiliating our work to a social welfare organization “AKHUWAT FOUNDATION” which is already in in this field. So we will be receiving help and guidelines for our project to be very effective.

Now comes the very critical part that is how are we going to gather clothes. So the answer to this is that we will be opening a cloth collection points at some places where we can manage it and definitely we are going to open one such outlet in Amal Academy campus so that our fellows can also contribute in this noble cause. Other than that we will be encouraging our friends, relatives and colleagues and also creating awareness about this in our society.

Promotional plan

Facebook: Facebook is widely used in Pakistan that’s why we will be benefiting from it by promoting our plans on it. As all of our target market uses Facebook and we can communicate to them easily there. For that we will create a facebook page, where we would be inviting people and convey our message and would encourage them to attend the event and be the part of noble cause.

Personal Relations: The better the relationships you have, the easier it can be to get in the door. Using the same philosophy we would be using our personal relations to collect the used clothes and would encourage them to attend the event which would definitely be increasing the attendance of the people at the event.

Personnel Plan:

Arshma Rashid: Would be responsible for pressing and packaging of clothes

Taskeen Gillani: Would be responsible for managing facebook page and helping Arshma Rashid

Naeem Ullah Younis: Would be responsible for branding and sponsorship of event if possible

M. Noma Shahid: Would be responsible for all the operational execution of mega event

Muntazir Abbas: Would be supervising the collection of clothes and also helping everyone as per needed

Would also be responsible for writing blogs and other written contents