Insights from my first Medium story

Photo by Veri Ivanova on Unsplash

Last week I wrote my first story on Medium.

My primary goal was to see how well my article would perform compared to writing them on my own site.

I kept a bare minimum expectation that I would get at least 30 views from Medium. I also wanted to experiment with various social media platforms.

As of Oct 19, 2017

Here are the results. It has been a week since I wrote my story. As of now, I have 326 views with 65% read ratio. In analytical terms 35% bounce rate.

Let me explain how I got here.


From fb i harnessed 44 views from my 461 friend


No views via Twitter was never expected. Luckily, I was still able to mine 13 views by replying to a tweet written by Matt Mullenweg about USB-C ports impracticality.


I know Medium is a very big platform for somebody, who’s just getting started. I wrote my post on Medium to see how it performs against posting on my own site. To my surprise Medium has only given 13 views so far, that too consolidated from Android, IOS, and Web.

I like Medium for its Awesome editor and no fuss Stats.


I submitted the link to Reddit yesterday by tagging MacBook. Reddit blew all records, I got 260 views. The two peaks you saw in bar graph are the after effects.

Reddit’s community is very interactive.

Lessons Learned

Always use a featured image. Tagging content with right niche is essential.


After this small experiment, I can confidently say it doesn’t matter where I write.

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