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Because we don’t have to mess up our local machine with dev configuration!

We already know that all the cool devs are using Docker for the local development environment. And there is Kuberenetes for the coolest group. But if we want to try out the application in a local Kubernetes node before deploying it to the production, things might become a bit complicated. And we have an hassle free solution for it! Let’s see how we can do that.

The only prerequisite is — Docker. Let’s assume we already have Docker installed and running.

minikube (alternative)

We can use minikube to run and test an application (image) in local Kubernetes. But it is super slow (my Macbook Pro starts radiating heat after a while). So, we are not going to use it. …

Because sometimes it is important to know when did a Boolean is changed.

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Boolean is one of the most frequently used database field type for any size of applications. We even learn database migration basics with string and Boolean types. So, whenever we require to put a flag type data field for a model we can just blindly use the Boolean and that will serve us without any problem at all.

I was ok with Boolean, until my Business Analyst asked me to find when did the Boolean change!

A few days ago, I was having a great day at my workplace. The weather was nice and I was about to push the commits but suddenly my business analyst came and interrupted me with — “Can you get me the list of users who activated their account before this March?” … A very clear request that should be easy to comply but unfortunately we did not keep the Timestamp for the activation. Which means there is no way we can give him that data. (We actually were able to fulfill his request by going through months of old log records which were written thousands of files …. …

Lets face it! Maintaining large PHP application is not easy.

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(Click here if you just want to see the solution)

We all know that, Laravel is the most popular PHP framework till today. It’s directory structure is good, well organized, defined and straight-forward. Working with the default project structure provided by Laravel is absolutely fine when we are working in a small or medium sized project. But, when it is a large application with more than 50 models, that is the time we start to choke on our own code base.

Maintaining a large application is no joke. Especially, when it is not organized properly. …

I was a Sublime Text fan. I still am, but I am just a bit bigger Atom fan now! Being a PHP coder I have found Sublime Text as an awesome text editor which has packages like Sublime PHP Companion, CodeIntel and many more which help me to write PHP code by providing Code completion and navigation. 1 year ago Atom drew my attention with its support for lots of different languages, tools integration, customization and most of all the Open Source tag. …

Tawsif Aqib

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