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Leah Todd presents on Solutions Journalism. (Photo from Franklin Pierce University)

Leah Todd graduated from Marquette University in 2012 with majors in Journalism and Philosophy and a minor in Political Science. Below is a brief conversation with Leah in which she updated us on her career, shared how the Center for Peacemaking has impacted her life, and offered some advice for current and future students.

What have you been up to since you graduated from Marquette?

Like many people in my generation, first I moved back in with my family. I stayed with my parents at their cabin in Wyoming for a few months while I worked an internship at a tiny weekly newspaper, the Saratoga Sun. I took a job as a reporter at a slightly bigger daily newspaper in Casper, Wyo., for a little over two years, then I went on to a much bigger paper, The Seattle Times, where I covered education. Now, for the past almost five years, I’ve worked in various roles for a startup nonprofit organization called the Solutions Journalism Network. …


Center for Peacemaking

Exploring the Power of Nonviolence

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