The Clothing Company That Wants To Change The World

During my spring semester of 2016, my bestfriend and I both had a class where one of the assignments was to do some type of charity work whether it was volunteering at a soup kitchen or lending a hand at the food pantry. We decided to go donate clothing to the less fortunate around downtown Chicago. During our work, a man’s words touched us in a way that will probably stick with us for the rest of their lives. We gave him a sweater and with excitement and a tear in his eye, he said “It’s been awhile since I got a brand new sweater for myself, this is beautiful.” When we went home we both sat down and talked about the whole experience and realized how much we took something as simple as new clothing for granted, and how important it was for people who are less fortunate. This sparked our idea to start a clothing line that gives back to humanity.

We ended up working and creating Wear The Peace. When someone purchases a piece of clothing from our shop, we donate a piece to someone in need. If someone buys a hoodie, we donate a hoodie. If someone buys a shirt, we donate a shirt. We work with Cradles to Crayons in Chicago who help low income and homeless children across the city and Helping Hands for Relief and development who help refugees across the city. We have donated over 300 pieces of clothing since our launch in november.

Our clothing line spreads awareness to issues around the world through our designs. One of our main issues is Chicago’s gun violence and how we have to start focus on rebuilding underfunded and broken communities and working on setting up afterschool programs in those areas instead of closing schools down.

We want to create a better world and it starts with education and loving each other. We created this line to start a push to end all wars, end poverty, end starvation etc. We want to start a revolution to create a world we’re proud to live in. It starts with clothes for now but in the future we want to use profits to start rebuilding communties, start setting up afterschool programs and set up programs to help the less fortunate.

What we learned from this whole experience is that to change the course that humanity is heading towards we need more loving people. Our world has been hijacked by hate so we need to take it back with love.

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