The Uber Lightning Component : an UBER — SFDC integration

Salesforce Uber Integration

In today’s world, most of the business deals get done via emails and phone calls, but there is always a need for the in-person meetings. A year ago, Salesforce has introduced a powerful package on the similar lines, by the name of FIELD SERVICE LIGHTNING. As the name suggests, it is for the field technicians and others alike, who work by meeting the customers in person.

Whenever we speak of the live meetings, an obvious thought for the user is ‘How do I reach there?’ and fortunately the answer lies with in Salesforce. In Salesforce there is the provision of showing the account map if the location details are made available. This feature is very useful, to locate the end user or the account on the map. Now to travel to that location however, there is no built in support for any travel APIs, and that is where this Uber Lightning Component comes in.

So here is a detailed article on how can we leverage the details of the address stored in salesforce and send that data to the UBER API services to establish the connection and book a cab for the Sales Rep to meet their customer — all this booking happens without the Sales Rep leaving Salesforce.

Watch this small demo that shows how the Uber Lightning Component looks and can book a Cab from within Salesforce after authorising with Uber API