Increasing Footfalls to your Retail Store

At the center of every retailers strategy remains one common core — increasing footfalls, physical or digital. When this metric drops it keeps most Retail CEOs awake at night. They doubt their strategies, their pricing, they complain about their Franchise Manager, they have nightmares about the 800 pound gorilla named Amazon (or Flipkart if you’re in India), the marketing campaign doesn’t seem sexy enough — you get the idea.

The purpose of this post is not to tell those Retail CEOs that everything will be alright. The idea is to propose one simple additional action that should be tried by every retailer. Not trying it is leaving yourself vulnerable to losing local customers around your stores who are searching for stuff online on their mobile phones. Retailers should adopt the Google Adwords Store Visits Conversions to ensure that their efforts at increasing footfalls to their stores is helped with this basic tool.