This is my first post on Medium, a little nursery rhyme I penned about falling in love with random women I see. A humorous take on love and heartbreak everyday:


Falling in love, Everyday!

“Love to me is like a bubbling cauldron of pain
It’s a habitual experience, again and yet again

My friends, they call me a Romeo, a lecherous horny fart
How is it my fault when each passing woman steals my heart?

A woman had worn just the right shade of blue
My heart said "Colour’s perfect, I just fell for you"

Cute smile, white teeth, short hair. Oh wow!
"You’re the only one in the whole world I’m ever going to love"

Long hair or short hair, streaks, bangs or curls
One glance is all it takes, my whole universe just whirls

Women of every color, white, brown or yellow
I give my heart to each of them, like a foolish fellow

Slim and petite or big and tall
I freely give my heart to them all

In jeans or shorts or sari or suit
My heart keeps giving each one a loud hoot

Whether glasses or goggles or ponytail or loose hair
I fall for them every single day, each a heartbreak I’ll have to bear

Guitars, drumbeats, cello and violins
When I behold them there’s a symphony, never a moment of silence

At the supermarket, or the gas station, or a random chick eating corn
Well, sometimes it’s for a second, or for a week my heart’s​ lovelorn

My friends tease and make fun of me calling me a lecherous fart,
They almost died laughing when a mannequin stole my heart”