Dreams and Hope can produce Magic

In the past 24 hours I read 2 stories and listened to 3 people talk about what they had in plans for the years to come. All the plans had a common theme — they were about the dreams they had formed in their heads. Some dreams were hatched a few days back and some were hatched a few months back. One observation I had was how similar the individuals expressed that their dreams might come true.

Every day it seemed the individuals woke up with tremendous hope of their problems melting away. Each felt they will make adequate progress in each day. Each felt that the entire day is wide and available in front of them. Each felt prepared to face the challenges of the day. Each felt they can conquer the day with all the new found energy. Aren’t we all like that sometimes? And we all wish we are always that way — brimming with energy, enthusiasm, and eternal hope to achieve the dreams we had nurtured.

A few months back I read about an old lady of above 70-years who went back to college, studied hard, and graduated. Wow! that is an accomplishment. This woman had nurtured the dream of college graduation. Life had its own surprises for her that she had to go work for nearly 50 years to meet her family demands. After she retired she thought it was too late. A chance conversation with a college counsellor, sparked the idea that she could be back in college. Her hope sprung up and led her to actions. She was soon back attending classes, doing homework, etc. In a few years time, she graduated from college. That was magic.

Have dreams!

Nurture hope!

And soon success will feel like magic!

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