Entrepreneurs Roundtable started in April 2008 as a free monthly gathering of entrepreneurs and investors in New York City and grew over the years with back to back events supporting the community.

In celebration of our back to back 100th Entrepreneurs Roundtable event, here are all the speakers for all 99 ER events since 2008 along with around 500 startups that pitched at these ER events:

Oslo is bursting with entrepreneurial energy. I was in Oslo from Feb 10th till Feb 15th, 2015 as the guest of Innovation Norway and Norwegian Consulate New York. I’ve done workshops with selected startups on Traction, Growth Hacking and Goal-Driven Growth.

I’ve also had a chance to see some of the major co-working spaces in Oslo and meet with the founders:
House of Nerds

And we organized a Startup Pitch Competition on Feb 12th in collaboration with Norwegian Consulate New York, Oslo Business Region and House of Nerds. The prizes were an automatic first-round interview for ERA’s…

For those who don’t want to know anything about Bitcoin other than what is needed at minimum to use it:

Bitcoin is a new type of currency that can be used to buy and sell goods online like USD, Euro, Yen etc.

It is not backed by any government or asset.

It is open-source, open for anyone to inspect.

Nobody owns or controls Bitcoin. There is no central Bitcoin server. It is a peer-to-peer network.

Its value goes up and down just like the stock market, depending on demand.

To buy or sell Bitcoins or use Bitcoins to make purchases…

Are countries around the world doing a good job?

Every time I meet with college students from around the world, I ask them the same question: “What will you do when you finish school?”

And I expect around 30% of them to tell me that they will start a company with some friends because they have this amazing idea and they want to learn entrepreneurship and the rewards go way beyond any other option.

But time and time again, I get 99% of the replies to be: “I will try to get a job somewhere (bank/large corporation/agency) or I don’t know”

While there is nothing wrong with getting a…

This is definitely not objective, top or ultimate at all, just some people and things I know. This is what I tell my friends who ask me “How do I do a tech startup in New York City?”

This is an on-going project so please add comments/links and I will update the list.

Know/follow what’s going on

TechMeme http://TechMeme.com

AlleyWatch http://AlleyWatch.com

Hacker News https://news.ycombinator.com/

TechCrunch http://TechCrunch.com

The Verge http://TheVerge.com

VentureBeat http://VentureBeat.com

Learn/understand how VC’s think

Fred Wilson http://avc.com

Chris Dixon http://cdixon.org/

Marc Suster http://www.bothsidesofthetable.com/

Ben Horowitz http://bhorowitz.com/

Paul Graham http://paulgraham.com/

John Ason http://www.johnason.com/

Meet new people/network

Gary’s Guide — one-stop…

(Photo: demo of a proximity-sensor based marketing platform from office hours)

I’ve just spent a week in Istanbul, attending conferences, hosting open office hours for two days, meeting with local investors and hosting another Entrepreneurs Roundtable event. I was stunned by the amazingly high levels of energy, enthusiasm and activity. From my observations over the past 20 years, we’ve hit the inflection point for startups where things are now starting to take off exponentially.

Entrepreneurs Turkey is in the ‘building the first generation of entrepreneurs” phase and will soon transition into the next phase as some of these successful founders…

I think it’s all about the approach and the beginning.

If a local 34-year old rapper from Korea can make the second-most viewed video on Youtube, your startup can also make it globally. Psy had no apparent previous successes before Gangnam Style, but pushed everything with his single to the limits to be a huge success: a global dance beat, 3 celebrity cameos, funny dance moves (that can catch on like the macarena) and humor that made everyone smile. He did shoot for the stars and became a global sensation.

It’s all about the starting point and the approach.


What is a convertible note?

A convertible note is a short-term loan that doesn’t get paid back like a typical bank loan, but converts into preferred shares when the company raises an equity round of financing.

So, instead of a full-on equity round, investors loan money to a startup. And instead of just getting paid back with interest, they end up getting preferred shares upon the next equity round with some perks (like interest and discounts) that provide the incentive to do so.

There are tons of details and opinions on convertible notes, but here are the basics that every founder should know:

Conversion Discount:

We started in 2007 with a simple thought: how can we be useful to entrepreneurs in New York City?

Murat Aktihanoglu

Co-founder and Managing Partner at Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator, Investor, Technologist, Entrepreneur, Author http://eranyc.com

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