the one true god, while being the god of a specific era, location, and gentry, retains his trueness made specifically for one over all the ages, places, and people. how the hell does he do “that”? well, he is god. the one true one, and truly at that. but i digress. i’ve only just begun, and it’s not good craftsmanship to err so early on in the game. first you err and then you start faltering and before you know it you’re no more than a babbling fool. hardly godly behaviour that would be, which you ought to adopt when you take it on your ambitious self to write about god, and the one and true one too. you don’t have the resources to mess that up. that would just be unprofessional. have i overstepped my bounds, you might start asking yourself, lacking the godly confidence you were supposed to have the whole time. have i overchallenged myself, overdemanded from myself? flapped my wings too close to the sun? but what good are wings if we can’t fly them to the sun? what good is the sun if she doesn’t shine on her children in all splendour? what good are children if they’re gonna turn out just like us, in all our defects and vices? what good is the one true god who lets befall all the pain and misery?

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