Dev. Evangelism 101: How to Sponsor a Hackathon — Webinar Report

  • Be friendly and professional. Assuming you sponsor the event, you’re going to be working very closely with the organizers. Establishing a friendly relationship is going to make the event much more productive and enjoyable!
  • While you should have fun at the hackathon — remember this is a professional event. Send employees who will represent your company well. Always assume that alcohol (either drinking on site — or being onsite after consuming alcohol) is not ok. This is especially true for college events.
  • If your goal is product adoption, make sure you send mentors who can help people use it and that you have good documentation. Make your mentors easy to identify and contact at the event.
  • Cool gives aways can work well too! Try and think of something that will be useful. I still have an AT&T blanket they gave me at a hackathon 3 years ago!



I’m a performance coach and startup guy. Semi-reformed diplomat.

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