Why You should be Jamming this week

There’s one week left in our first 2 Summer Jam hackathons, but we’re just getting started.

Open Data Mashup

Hacking on open data gives you the chance to create real impact and improve the lives of others. Maybe tackle a local problem or go look further afield? Our resources page has everything you need to get started.

It’s easy to get started. Look what Chris from Socrata did in 10 minutes with San Francisco’s food cart permits and the locations of city-maintained trees.

Reinvent the Selfie

It’s time to go beyond filters, duckfaces, and selfie sticks. Selfies need a reboot and I think you’re the hacker to do it. Greg at Twilio taught his dog how to take selfies. I bet you can do better than that!

But wait, why should you hack this summer? It’s gorge outside.

  1. We got prizes. A Sony a6000 Alpha Camera from Twilio, an Apple Watch from Socrata, personalized hacker jerseys from MLH, Digital Ocean credits, ‘All you can EaaS’ HBO/Netflix/Hulu/Spotify plans, and more.
  2. If you’re a student, you can help out your college hackathon. We’re giving 3 schools with the most Summer Jam hackers $1000 towards their next events. You don’t have to win, you just have to take part and build something. So keep calm and hack on.
  3. My friend, and kick ass hacker, John Allison (CTO, Customer.io) says that to become a great developer, you have to code everyday and take challenges. Don’t let the summer dull your edge!
  4. Let’s not kid ourselves, you’re going to spend like 100 hours playing minecraft and watching YouTube cat videos. Why not build something awesome instead?

Besides it’ll take your mind off Game of Thrones…

Happy hacking


p.s Our second batch of hackathons Financial Literacy and Connect with Your Team are going on right now too, plus we’ve got 4 more coming soon, and we’re hosting meetups in NYC (7/2) and SF (7/9) at WeWork Labs!