What is Loving-Kindness?
Sharon Salzberg

Hi there,

Thank you for your wisdom and insight …as I read your story — I could not help agreeing with “The Buddha said, “Within this fathom long body, lies the entire universe.” I am very surprised because for the last few months I have been instinctively understanding the meaning and the value of the HUMAN body. I believe we have been DOPED to believe the body is only as important as an object and such RUBBISH (esp in NA and other Western Nations)..much for so long. However, from my current understanding…ALL we have is the BODY that hosts and contains everything, as well as it speaks to us when we need to understand what is going on …(a bit complicated) but..and so, we all need to start establishing better relationships with our own bodies that holds more intelligence than WE might not clearly understand. Thank you for sharing…

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