Little Darling Fool

I decided. My writing should be authentic and filled with emotion in it. Once again, art is a refugee to me.

Why I am so personal and open to a piece of paper written for strangers?

Alice, you poor fool!

You see, in my hardest times I created some tales to somehow represent myself and the things I was going through. In special, Alice in Wonderland has always been a favorite of mine: Curious but confused, the girl encountered many obstacules on her way, with nothing but riddles and craziness to guide her.

The best people are.

I have been Alice for about a year now, and I’m still lost in Depressionland — It’s not something you just come out from: Some days I’m big and brave, adventurous and fearless. Many others, I see myself small and powerless, in which I frequently end up drowning in this river of tears and think that I should not have cried so much.

Still, I feel connected to this fragile girl inside of my thoughts, hoping one day she’ll enter the land of Reality with her head up, ready to take on the world. Meanwhile, my Dear Alice evolves in stories of fights along the White Queen and philosophical conversations with Time, growing wiser bit by bit.