The safe-vest of creativity

First things first: I’m new here, like hundreds of wannabe bloggers out there, stressing about why should my story be told. Well, good reason or not, I am here now.

I often read and hear about how art and self-expression are mechanisms to relieve pressure of daily life, and how being an inventive self can be a relief to the mind and soul, as it is to me. Today this thought has saved my sanity more times than I can count.

Some things are so worth saving.

Although it might seem innovative or progressive, this vest is circulating for centuries, under what Freud would name the Ego Defense Mechanisms — A psychical answer to the process of balancing the desires you have and the role you play in society.

The abstraction is only one form of many which people discovered to deal with frustration, as a manner to feel judgment-free and express all of the unfiltered you out there. And by doing this, I started coping and stopped drowning; I put my feelings into words, not being scared of critics, because art is subjective: the beauty of the light is in the eyes of the reader, and not a thing else.

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