I cannot recommend Wes’ courses enough :)

JavaScript 30 — A 30 day vanilla JS challenge

If you’ve seen my first two articles about the JavaScript30 course/challenge by Wes Bos, you’ll know that I am going to blog about this every single day during the challenge. Medium has no easy way to collect all of the articles under a single roof apart from a publication, but I’d rather not create an entire publication just for my challenge.

So this will be the index, or table of contents, of my time with this course. When I finish this should be a complete 31 chapter index where chapter 31 is a retrospective of the 30 days.

Table of contents

All of my code can be found at GitHub.

Wes Bos is a great teacher. If you want to become more comfortable with Javascript, go check out this free course at javascript30.com or any of his other free and paid courses at wesbos.com/courses.