An appeal to end the suffering in Syria

No petition, especially one constructed and delivered from a comfortable seat in front of a computer will end the carnage; at best, it will help the petitioners feel better about themselves. Petitions are selfish acts meant to salve the petitioners’ conscience, no more. No petition ended the Holocaust in Europe or the genocide in Bangladesh. Those horrific crimes were stopped through armed intervention by interested parties. Thus far, intervening in Syria doesn’t seem to serve any nation’s cynical, self-serving interests, and so the genocide will continue; indeed, it is very likely that the genocide is in fact serving the interests of some bystanders with the poor Syrians being tragic pawns in some larger game.

Rather than indulging in peritioneering, I ask the petitioners to use their influence , if any, to twist any arms that can actually stop the violence. Else, please beat your sorry breasts in private and stop cynically trying to win brownie points and fully paid conference trips at exotic locations by authoring such petitions.

Thank you.