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At This time I will inform you about Enjoy Life project and for that let’s go directly to the following discussion topic:

what is Enjoy Life

We will give you a few reviews and also give you a little knowledge that may be useful, and can also be a consideration in choosing or observing the latest project, here we will introduce Enjoy Life, from its language means comfort in life here means that it is intended to benefit the development business or business in good financial management, as well as modern methods that can develop in the future as well as the future, Enjoy Life has been established in 2014, they have a goal where the purpose is to display the various functions of crypto wallet, payment system, buy, with the market, and also provide development program development program for the better.

Enjoying life has a good mission to provide comfort as well as improving the quality of the crypto economy in the world, with its transparent payment methods, as well as its ease of use that benefits its users with service and speed on every transaction. It can be considered for the convenience of living in the present and the future,


With a roadmap strategy and also a good design Enjoy life must be considered because it is very useful for users who will benefit from Enjoy life.

Benefits of Enjoy Life:

1. Easy to use Enjoy life this can be a solution when in the development or the right solution.

2. Low cost in any cost in any transaction whether in sales activity or in purchasing activity.

3. Efficient time in use that we will save more time which means we can utilize time for other needs

4. Security and privacy maintained in every transaction activity, meaning we will be protected for every transaction activity, from various transactions.

5. Increase the number of benefits for users who have contributed well

6. Improve interaction with the community well.

With Enjoy life quality ranging from the use of payment system with people or various people, with good system and also good method, marketing system and also good marketing, and also provide many good opportunity for investor, this proves that Enjoy life provide Solution. as well as convenience.

Activities Crowdsale Enjoy Life:
Pre-event will be held on 01 November 2017 at 12.00 UTC +2
Pre-event will end on 15 November 2017 at 12:00 UTC + 2
The Token price is 0, 5 $
For minimum purchase is 200 $
The purchase bonus will get 50% / 0.5 tokens per purchase
Number of tokens 1 million
Ico’s activities will be held on 1 December 2017 at 12:00 UTC +2
Ico’s activities will end on 15 January 2018 at 12:00 UTC +2
The token price is 0.5 $
For minimum purchase is 50 $
Bonus for ico activity:
First 3 days 20%
3 second day 15%
3 third day 10%
3 days to four 5%
Total token is 9 million
2% of the tokens sold are for Bounty
7% token is sold for team development
Unsold tokens will be burned.
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Official website:
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Youtube: https: //
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