brian murphy
Oct 11, 2016 · 1 min read

I’ve enjoyed reading several pieces of your writing after seeing the recent interview you gave The Signal | Mixpanel. (My vote for a future post is more about creating and working with your new user-centered roadmaps!)

It was also neat to realize you are the same person whose excellent pm@olin curriculum I discovered nearly two years ago, when I began training a new PM on my team. :-)

Two quick comments to your post above:

(1) I kept thinking of Martin Eriksson’s venn diagram about the PM role, and the notion that the PM is responsible for figuring out not just where she is strongest, but where she needs to excel relative to the strengths of the team around her. This is a fluid situation and plays to the generalist strengths found in many PMs.

(2) In my view Design Thinking has pushed the Product and UX disciplines even closer together. I still recall my amazement when, grabbing coffee with a DT:DC leader a couple of years ago, so much of what this Designer claimed as her role struck me as ‘classic’ product management responsibilities — just from a highly user-centered and empathetic pov.

I’d be curious to know if you’ve explored this approach much and, if so, how it’s affected your thinking.

Good luck at Lola! I’ll be joining your beta queue shortly… :-)