Reactions and Response to My Bike Column
Joel Engardio

What is primarily disappointing about this is that this issue has been discussed over and over and over, any quick google search would have produced a lot of very clear research on the idea. You aren’t starting any public discussion here — this is a settled discussion. If you wanted to give exposure to the established research on this topic to people who aren’t so well informed, that’s fantastic, but it’s not what you did.

I cannot stomach purported leaders who come up with “great ideas” and shoot from the hip about them without vetting the idea first. “Look how smart I am!”, when it’s well known that if you see far, it’s by standing in the shoulders of giants. 30 years ago it might be hard to find these nuggets, today you could have done comprehensive research on this topic in less time than it took to write your blog post. That does not bode well for how you would lead in office.

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