Apple just told the world it has no idea who the Mac is for
Owen Williams

I think the other thing to mention that if you want a top of the range MacBook Pro, with the 2TB flash drive and the fast(er)est processor and graphics, you are now being asked to fork out over £4000 for a lappy with a 2.9 Ghz processor and 16GB of RAM. I’m all for paying a little more for Apple, and my last MacBook, was £2500, but for this…... Sorry, but you are going to have to add another couple of hundred more to buy all the dongles to reverse connect it into everything thast you still use around the home,. I have to say that now, these Macbooks are just not worth the money. Apple seem to have mis-understood their customer, the days of automatic endless cash for weak feature enhancements appear to be over.