The curious case of Dehiwala Junction Signals

Aka ‘The nightmare at the Dehiwala Junction’

It all started couple of months back when I noticed that when I was [Red arrow in below pic] crossing the Galle Road near Dehiwala flyover the vehicles [Blue arrow in the pic] from the Station Road tried to charge at me. Well, not exactly; But you get the picture right? See what I did there? The picture. Argh… Leave it.

The picture you need. Not the picture you want.

At first I thought, “Frigging idiots.” Typical Sri Lankan drivers. So I showed them my hand like I didn’t care, and pointed at the signal which was the green light for pedestrians. Then went away like I was about to drop the mic.

The next day, I had to borrow a bike from my uncle for work.

Scenario Two aka Flip Side of The Picture.

Now I am the blue line; Waiting for the signal to turn green; Signal Turned green; Taking the right and Bam.

“These Idiotic Pedestrians”, I mumbled.

They crossed. I rushed.

The realization aka Blaming the authority

It didn’t take more than a couple of hours for me to realize this shitty scenario is a constant shit that occurs every other minute in Dehiwala Junction. And all because of the bad timing of those shitty signals.

Just another representative of our bad road rules.

I wondered how come no one ever noticed this? Or they have and just kept it to themselves because taking this to authorities will end up a big pain in their asses anyway? Well, as a matter of fact I tried to blend in with this problem even though this was one of the many factors that cause the traffic jam in this junction. Thus the lateness between this post and the realization of the problem.

Well, now I wrote this, not to seek any change in the signal timing or to pass this message to an authority, but just for the fact that I voiced this.

“Dude GTFO man, this ain’t even a big deal” a friend told.

Well he might be true. But may be he is true since we got adopted to such environment where no one follows any rules.

Does that mean it is a good thing?