My mentor in Life

A mentor is a person whom you seek guidance through thick and thin, and even sometimes unintentionally you learn from their actions and words without even knowing by yourself. This is the relationship which provides you maximum benefits without any interest.

My mentor in life is a person who always stood by me no matter what I have achieved or what I failed to achieve. The person who sacrificed and taught me to sacrifice for life’s bigger rewards. The person is my great mother “Azra Yasmin”. In my childhood, she guided me in a way a child or a primary student need to be guided. She always taught me to be good and to be strong. She never let proud or jealousy to be a part of my personality despite of my high academic scores and always taught me to be humble and helping to other students.

As the life passed by, and my level of education went up, so did her efforts to made me a good person and the brightest star. When I failed to get admission in medicine, She was the only one who supported and helped me to get pass through that time period and guided me to next steps of life.

And now, as I am graduating very soon with a lot of achievements, good friends, admiration, support and love of my teachers and fellows, all this was possible only due to her teachings throughout my life.

I have learnt this humbleness from my mother. If a mentor wouldn’t have this virtue then a mentee couldn’t have it too. And without being humble, no one can learn from anyone even from his own-self. I am always willing to learn and keen for improvement.

I really want to Thanks my mentor in life for all those life lessons and making me what I am today. Without your support I would never be here writing these words for you. I dedicate this to my mother. :)
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