Spreading Awareness : Prevention against Gastroenteritis and Chickenpox”

Finally, we were able to accomplish our destined task on 10th of May. We had chosen this cause as they were the most spreading diseases these days specially in periphery.

I want to share some moments of happiness while doing a bit of good work for humanity. It was really a very good and exciting experience for all of us to do social work and interacting with native people in that way.

The results came out to be more than our expectation. I want to specially acknowledge administration of Abdullah Memorial Hospital, Dare Arqam Grammer School and our sponsors ATCO pharmaceutical company. Without their support and help we couldn’t have performed our work so well.

The little challenge we faced was to convince people about being protective towards their health as some people have developed misconceptions specially regarding chickenpox. First of all, we talked to different people specially those with children and told them how they can protect their family ad specially children from gastro and chickenpox. free medicine samples, ORS, and brochures with awareness tips were distributed among them.

Second phase of the camp was completed at Dare Arqam Grammer School adjacent to the hospital. Students were given lecture by my team members and free awareness materiel, games and such things were distributed among them.

The most promising effect was the smile on little angels which made us realize that we had really done something good. The effort was also appreciated by print and social media.

With little ones :)

we have decided to continue this work by arranging different camps regarding different epic diseases and to take it to next level, we are planning to launch our campaign scheme.

Group photo with Dr. Muhammad Yasin (MS of Abdullah memorial hospital) & team of ATCO pharmaceuticals.
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