A dummy’s guide to setting up WSL 2 backend and integrate with Docker

Windows 10 recently came out with an update (Windows 10 version 2004). This update enables Docker to run on WSL 2 which is substantially faster than the previous Hyper-V architecture for running containers. To learn more about their differences, checkout this link.

Unix Gang.

Enough talk, lets go ahead and setup Docker for WSL 2.

Step 1. Make sure your Windows is up to date(Windows 10 version 2004, build 19041).

Step 2. Enable WSL 2

Image Source : yegor256.com

What kind of a question is this? Of course you can, its called open source for a reason.

How? I am not some coding veteran with 20 years of software development experience. All I can do is copy paste someones code, tailor it to my requirements and hope it works. Do I deserve the right to make open source contributions?

The answer is pretty simple by participation. If you are a software developer in the 21st century who is still relevant, you definitely would’ve come across something called Stackoverflow. A website which has the answer to all your questions. …

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