VR Schooling

In everyday life we all are surrounded by great gadgets that not only entertain us but have brought unimaginable ease in human lives. One of the tools that changed the dynamics are the “Virtual Reality Gears” also known as immersive multimedia or computer simulated reality. The launch of different model every quarter by brands like SONY, SAMSUNG, HTC, etc backed up with creative game developers revolutionizing the industry similar is the case of movie industry.

The dilemma: The unfortunate fact is that the money is spent on the crafting and designing of create games and movies not on the educational and learning programs. And we should not blame the developers and corporations because they focus is to fulfill the demand.

Solution: The appropriate step is to consider this problem as an opportunity and initiate a program/institute or a platform that will not only support and assist the teachers and parents but tends to boost the skills of the upcoming generation turning learning in to adventurous task. This will gradually penetrate the market and cause an increase in the demand for creative educational games and applications. It will also trigger the developers to compete on the subjective designing. The entire process will require market research and achievable market strategy leading the educational institutes as the potential customers.