Crazywhiz Story

2 min readJun 12, 2023

Crazywhiz is an Tutoring platform that was founded by Murthy, Venu and Malli who were passionate about education. They saw a need for a tutoring service that was more personalized and flexible than traditional tutoring services, and they set out to create a online platformthat would fill that need.

Crazywhiz started out small, with just a few tutors. But as word spread about their services, they quickly grew. Today, Crazywhiz has a team of over 10000 tutors who are experts in a variety of subjects. They offer a variety of tutoring services, including home tuition, online tutoring, and group tutoring.

Crazywhiz is committed to providing high-quality tutoring services that help students succeed. They believe that every student learns differently, and they tailor their tutoring services to each student’s individual needs. They also believe that tutoring should be fun, and they make sure their tutors are engaging and enthusiastic.

Crazywhiz has helped thousands of students succeed in school. They have helped students improve their grades, get accepted into their dream schools, and even win scholarships. Crazywhiz is a company that is passionate about education, and they are committed to helping students reach their full potential.

Here is one story of how Crazywhiz has helped a student succeed:

Aditi was a bright student, but he was struggling in math. She was getting C’s and D’s on his tests, and she was starting to feel discouraged. Her parents decided to hire a tutor, and they found Crazywhiz.

Aditi’s tutor was a patient and experienced teacher. He took the time to understand Aditi’s learning style, and he created a personalized learning plan that met Aditi’s individual needs. With his tutor’s help, Aditi started to understand math concepts that he had previously struggled with. She began to get A’s and B’s on his tests, and his confidence in his math skills improved.

Aditi’s story is just one example of how Crazywhiz has helped students succeed. With their personalized tutoring services, Crazywhiz can help students of all ages and levels reach their full potential.




Crazywhiz is an education company that provides home tuition and online tutoring services. They have a team of experienced and qualified tutors who can help stu