What are the Abacus Concepts for Kids?

Have you ever felt sorry for missing the Abacus concept in our childhood? I have asked the question several times in my life, I have really missed the mind calculations made on the abacus in an intermediate way.

What is the concept behind Abacus?

Yeah, we are going to look for the concept of the abacus in our article today.

Before knowing about the concept, you need to know what an abacus is, they are one of the tool which is used for the calculation purpose, you can do any arithmetic operation with the help of an abacus.

Abacus is described as the piece of mathematics, you will wonder, if I say blind people too can use this abacus for calculation purpose. You need to just move the beads on the rods to make the calculation.

What will you get from this Abacus Education?

The result of this abacus education is extraordinary. You will be able to get the following abacus important aspects if you know to calculate mathematics with the help of an abacus.

  1. It helps to increase your concentration power.
  2. Abacus increase your response capabilities
  3. Abacus helps to expand your memory
  4. You will be able to grab better thinking skills with abacus
  5. You will be able to increase the mental calculation

Why was abacus used in the early stages?

There were many reasons for the question, here are some of them:

  1. You can just use your hand to learn mathematics.
  2. Simple operation.
  3. You can operate it for many years.
  4. It teach you easily to manipulate the numbers.
  5. Teaches you the important major operation such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with ease.
  6. You can learn base ten system rapidly.
  7. You can know the difference between the decimal system and the binary system.
  8. You can solve any kind of problems in a easy way, faster than a electronic device.

How Abacus Works?

Do you know how abacus works? The operation is very simple. You can find a lot of columns and rows in a abacus. If you have looked an abacus you will know what i am saying clearly. The first column describes the units (ones), the second column is for tens and it will continue till infinity.

What are the Benefits of Abacus?

There are a lot out there. I have listed some of the top benefits here:

  1. Are you the person having fear on mathematics? Learn it through Abacus and your fear will run away from you.
  2. It helps you to develop the concentration power.
  3. You will be able to get the complete brain development.
  4. Helps you to improve the memory.
  5. Helps you to generate the self-confidence.
  6. Helps in improving the capabilities in you.
  7. You will not feel the stress while you are doing calculation.

Abacus Education for Kids

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