An Indomitable Will: The story of Murtuza Ali Rajkotwala (Alamdar)

Everyone has to go through tough times at some point in life but the key to overcoming all the challenges is an indomitable will and sheer determination, and Murtuza Ali Rajkotwala is the burning example of the indomitable will.

Murtuza Ali Rajkotwala is an honest and virtuous man who has always done right by everyone. He is a founding father and a Director of the real estate organisation Alamdar Infrastructures Pvt Ltd. In spite of being an honest person, he had to go through a dark phase due to the conspiracy of his ex-colleague Huzeifa Electricwala.

Mr Electricwala who is an ex-director of Alamdar Infrastructures filed a FIR against Murtuza Ali Alamdar and other Directors for forging his signature in his resignation letter thereby forcing him to leave the organisation. But after proper investigation, neither the police nor the magistrate court could find any base to the allegations made by Huzeifa Electricwala. Thus, Mr Rajkotwala was honourably discharged by the court.

Mr Murtuza Ali Rajkotwala survived this rough phase of his life only with help of his will and determination to get the true justice. Now Murtuza Ali is seeking remuneration from Mr Electricwala for everything he had done for defaming him. Many people would have broken to face such devastating allegations but Mr Murtuza Ali Rajkotwala being a true man made his way out through everything with the indomitable will of his.