How we are running our Internet Startup using little & little money?

Recently I went to a startup meetup in Chennai and met a fellow, founder of a startup who told me that they are spending INR 100000+ for their cloud hosted product which is yet to be launched, but what we are spending is a very small fraction of it or you can say it is literally nothing. I wanted to share our experiences, so other startup founders can make use of it.

It all started when I did some shopping with my family at a local shopping mall and found an idea to work. After developing our very minimal version of our product, we hosted it through one of my friend’s hosting company for 5000 a year. By that time we were running only one website unlike 4 now.

We know that for abnormal internet services companies shared or traditional website hosting infrastructures are not good in terms of configuration & scaling. After triedour hands with the Azure cloud services for a trial period of 15 days, we moved our product into Azure.

So logically we registered our company with Microsoft Bizspark Program & getting $150 per month credit to run our services along with original licenses for Windows OS, Visual Studio etc.,

It is this decision that saves lots of money till today in the cloud front and today we are happily running our 4 websites, 2 Databases & 2 Linux boxes within our membership credit limit (read it as Free of cost). You can check our Tech stack here.

But running a business without official email addresses is a taboo and it is not a professional way by any means. So we got us registered with Zoho for email services which is giving upto 25 email addresses for free of cost. To use it economically efficient, from the beginning, we are just creating email ids only for the people who needs to communicate outside our team or company.

I know what you are going to ask, hey then what would you use for your team communication. Slack it, Yes you are right, we are proud users of slack for the past 1 year.

We are managing our tasks at Trello another awesome tool for startups and Customer relations at hubspot.

So in our own experience starting and running a technology company is not expensive but sales, marketing, user acquisition is.

Disclaimer: We are not funded or accelerated by any of the companies mentioned above.

OK dude? Who are you? Buddy, I am the Founder of Jarvis Software which is running an app/website Zhopout which makes shopper’s life simpler by helping them to find more about stores at malls and in-turn helping retail stores to get more foot falls.

Currently, we are on a spree to get our early users. We would love if you download our app from Google play store (if you are not from India, click here) and help us build it better by giving valuable feedback or ideas for new (may be missing) features or it can be anything starting from bouquets which smell sweeter or brickbats which hurts more.

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