Community for AI people on Tamilnadu.

Tamilnadu is always known for its cultural heritage and people here are always a kind of crazy guys in different aspects. Maybe on current scenario, the unstable government is also on the top of list, probably we can skip this now. But to be honest people here refuse to adapt to new technologies, Artificial Intelligence is not an exception. I am an AI developer specialized in Computer vision, contributing for startups and open-source projects, I am an AI enthusiast from my high school days and a practitioner in my college days and one of the consequence is that my facebook, twitter, linkedin,..etc updates are fully filled with things related to AI, AGI, Cognitive Science, Singularity,.. and several other crazy pieces of stuff. When I was about to decide my future step on AI after finishing my undergrad degree, many people (probably everyone whom I talked) recommended me to go for my masters in a reputable college possibly abroad but at that time I should had thought why? instead, I conventionally thought How can I able to get to those colleges, what should I be having in my SOP?..etc. I had been decided to use rest 1 year in my college to learn several things in the field, build a network with people in this domain. I approached several professors, the industrial people working on AI, but where I ended up is connecting through several researchers in AI through facebook. Thanks to several FB friends, blogs, tutorials,.. I developed a good amount of knowledge and skill set to work in AI and I am able to follow updates easily. But as people say, the world suddenly seems to be changed when you come out from college, yeah it happened for me after I joined a startup in Chennai and began to adapt to the modern-tech life in Chennai. Started to attend several meetups, discussions, gatherings etc..But even in Chennai, the tech place of Tamilnadu, the paradise for startups,..the beauty of AI and its potential was and is still not understood. People here are just been fascinated by AI and want to exploit AI to maximize their profit which is not bad but is like using rolls Royce to garbage carrier. but what about others who are from the rural side of Tamilnadu, even students from several part of Chennai have no idea what the AI all about and how people around the world are adapting to it. There are still many Ramanujan been born in Tamilnadu and due to lack of awareness and guidance, they stay where they are and are unable to realize their potential and that of AI(mostly imposed by society). There are several engineering students who don’t know the fundamentals mathematics and even if they knew they lacking with the practical application, even I was like this once before but learning statistical principles, coding programs to gather and clean data, developing machine learning model, neural networks, optimising it,..etc. opened several possibilities of learning algebra, differential calculus in real life. And parallel, Intelligence system can help you in automating numerous routine and repeated things and saves several.hours which can be put into more useful things . People around the world had already adapted to these technologies and we are still waiting for big giants to do pull these things to us once its out-dated. There are still many Chennai based startups working on several disrupting technologies in the aim of changing the place we live, but society here fails to motivate them and the most saddest thing is that people don’t even understand what they are working on. 
Now I clearly understand that there is no scarcity of people working on AI in Chennai but thing is that they are scattered and the flow of knowledge is obstructed due to lack of a proper channel for discourse. And moreover, Chennai is not Tamilnadu, its a small portion of it and there are still several districts where both crazy and coolest brains can be found. Sorry for putting several boring words, let me be precise, I strictly believe Artificial Intelligence is going to power the evolution of human race at an unprecedented rate n future and as every state has the rights in cherishing the outcomes they also have the responsibility in contributing to it, not all the things should be done by people of silicon valley or people acquired by silicon valley. I cannot say that I will be able to push the boundaries of technology in my state but I am gonna try as hell to do so. who knows, maybe if we join hands and work together we will be able to do it. Also, I need to add that we (Murugesh, Suriyadeepan, Syed, Aquid & Selva) with help of several other friends started a Community for the purpose that I stated before and named it as “TN-AI Guild”. We had also Inaugurated this community in two main districts of TN namely Chennai & Coimbatore also had a meetup for discussing “Capsule Network”. Several AI-Startups and Professionals are supporting us a lot on our mission. We have people good in domain expertise, shining in their own field, cool and awesome people on advisory board, yet we need some active people on organizing things. We are currently in bootstrapping stage yet to fix things and plan.