Is Donald Trump trying to help the Democrats in disguise?

Michael Moore, among others, has been suggesting that Trump may be deliberately sabotaging his campaign for president because he secretly doesn’t want the job. A question I’ve asked in the past is: maybe this was Trump’s plan all along, a brilliant Machiavellian plot to help the Democrats win the White House and prevent Republicans from sinking the US into disaster?

Several months ago I thought this might have been the case. And I would have heralded Trump a genius.

But since then, it has become obvious to me over the months that Trump is incapable of such nuanced thinking. And were he to have ever meant to secretly help the Democrats, maybe some of his “Second Amendment” supporters might decide to point their whatever towards a different target.

This election has reminded me extremely starkly that it is possible and very real to be narcissistic, bigoted, and most importantly — ridiculously blatant about it — and still enjoy the adulation of significant portions of the populace (for now true in the US, but probably true in most countries with a large enough population).

And this fact makes me sad.