Advice for my anti-Trump friends. Opposition to The Don should be expressed not as criticism of some racist/sexist/homophobic statements. Those, while certainly disturbing, do not land among his supporters. (They clearly didn’t during the campaign, so why would we expect them to now?)

Likewise, it’s time to stop posting pictures of swastikas alongside “Heil Trump” graffiti. Again, we’ve already established that there are neo-Nazis and white supremacists among Trump’s camp, and guilt-by-association has not, and will not, change a GOP voter’s mind. Nor does it do any service to our Resistance, because my hypothetical counterpart among staunch Republicans can find any number of loonies who voted for Clinton.

More clearly: you cannot attack a politician any more based on what he says on Twitter or at a campaign rally. “Everyone understands” nowadays that this stuff is said semi-seriously (I don’t, but that’s not my point). You cannot successfully attack a politician based on what his supporters say or do.

Instead, you must focus on what Trump is proposing to do as President. Discuss his proposal to outlaw flag burning. Post about his proposed appointments. Talk about his many conflicts of interest, and how that can and will impact our nation’s reputation abroad.

There’s a way to do this right. And feel free to call me on it if I don’t follow my own advice.

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