We’re told that the pre-Big Bang proto-Universe was a single point. But for a moment, think of it as a flat surface, like a pond on a windless morning just before sunrise.

Now a rock drops into the middle of it. Ripples form immediately. They bounce off the shoreline, then off each other. More and more complex structures are formed on the surface.

I can imagine every particle, every law of physics, every rock, tree, star, galaxy, or thought as a ripple formed directly or indirectly from that first impact. If that initial impact came from something of infinite complexity and dimension, then the ripples could effectively map everything about that object onto our four-dimensional universe as ripples.

For me, God is that infinite object, and God’s choice (if that even makes sense at this level) to contact our Universe is the act of creation that ripples down to me typing the period at the end of this sentence.